Film Instinct is a multimedia project designed to cultivate, collaborate with and connect new, underground talent. We want your brains and we want them hot.

After years of adapting and growth, the company works closely with various artists and employs a cooperative ethos as it reaches its tenth year. The company has won awards in the UK and the US.

As a company we offer various services to people who are interested and invested in film. Our core creative staff members include experienced writers, directors, actors and marketers with diverse artistic ethoses:

Richard Weston, Director


Richard Weston began as the company’s artistic director in 2005, and has directed four feature films and various shorts since its inception. Working closely with actors, he trained at East 15 Acting School to learn more of the demands and creative license of those involved in the art.

Laurence Thompson, Writer


Laurence has worked both as both a journalist and creative writer. He began his involvement with Film Instinct as an artistic consultant in the conception of “Precipice Hours” in 2012, and has since co-written the most recent production “Saddenly Now” and the impending sequel to “The Young”.

Meurig Marshall, Photography


Meurig’s involvement with Film Instinct began in 2012, acting as cinematographer for films “Albion” and “Saddenly Now”, photographic consultant for “Sanctimonia”, and appearing in the feature film “Precipice Hours”

We are welcome to creative contributors and those who are interested in being involved in cinema. Our aim is to collaborate and work closely with various artists. We can offer workshops, consultations and want you to be part of the team.

To see our previous work, and what will be bulging with various updates in the future, visit our Youtube Page

If you would like to contact us, please use our temporary address at: