The Road Of Excess

Posted by RW on November 3, 2014

Film Instinct have released a short experimental documentary film named “The Road Of Excess” in an unconventional exploration of the unreliability of memory.

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Please share the appeal for Saddenly Now

Posted by RW on July 9, 2014

Film Of the Week 28/01/14

Posted by RW on January 27, 2014

I have decided to create a “Film Of the Week” blog as part of the site, to share films that have influenced my film-making, and in truth my day to day life

Many of these films will be retrospective, and may not be recent. They could be things I’ve only recently seen. However, the article will be structured by things like current affairs, cultural significance, and just my personal taste and recommendation.

It has increasingly frustrated me that film is generally regarded as solely a Western tradition, and Western films take precedent as we head into this horrible Oscar season. So to begin this weekly blog I’m going to begin with a film that captured my imagination, and was well ahead of its time.

The Wind Will Carry Us – Abbas Kiarostami

I was walking through London today to escape my own routine, and it was refreshing to be a part of the city. The Wind Will Carry Us reminded me that wherever you go, and no matter what routine, it is always important to be in a juxtaposing environment to understand and respect the culture of where you visit.

The photography and craft involved in this film is difficult to ignore, and what is most comestible about the composition is the capture of the landscape in the sprawling mountain terrain the village finds itself in. The film’s opening sequence – a journey into the remote Iranian village, injects a sense of being deserted as the conversation is dubbed over the movement. Alike A Taste Of Cherry, the main character comes by car, and witnesses a whole cultural microcosm in his experience. Bringing the viewer into a situationist reel, as though held in a rural A Propos De Nice.

The wind, like the times, moves at different tempos and rhythms as Dorani’s beautifully portrayed protagonist comes to terms with the fate of the village. The economy of the soundtrack leads to a wonderful sense of the wind’s importance, and the quotidian crawl becomes a realisation of the existence of the people around him.

If you get the chance to buy the film, you should. One of the greatest living directors.

Precipice Hours Now Available On Vimeo (HD)

Posted by RW on January 21, 2014

After sending the film to many festivals, Film Instinct has now decided to distribute the film so it can finally be viewed publicly. 

Click the poster below to find Precipice Hours available for pre-order