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Posted by KT on July 6, 2011


Press Release

Premiered at a private screening at Liverpool John Moore University (Monday 11 July) Richard Weston’s (nee Thompson) ‘The Young’ is a first feature film by his Wirral based Film Instinct.

Poster for premiere of "The Young"

The film is about a post apocalyptic world in which young people have to create their own rules in a backdrop of devastation.

Birds still sing. This is not a world without vegetation or food, but the cities have been raised to the ground. Desolate industrial estates now harbour power brokers and survival is a basic need.

The cast have been drawn from the rich vein of dramatic talent at Calday Grammar School as well as local theatre company, Off the Ground.

Most of the cast are now either in acting schools like London’s Central, East 15, Rose Bruford and Liverpool John Moores University or about to embark on their studies.

So for 19 year old Director Richard Weston (who took up a stage name so as not to be confused with the singer songwriter, Richard Thompson) the choice of casting was easy.

“I wanted people who wouldn’t mess about as soon as the camera was on them. And also people I could get on with. The camaradarie was brilliant. This was a very physical film to produce and it might be a ‘luvvy’ thing to say, but I am very proud of what everyone has achieved. The directing is easier when you have professionals who are committed to the themes.”

None of the cast were older than 22 and this was a delberate move. Locations varied but the film was shot at Arrowe Park, Wirral Country Park and various disused warehouses and barns in Hoylake, Birkenhead and Liverpool City Centre.

“The Young is, as the name suggests, about a young community under threat of self destruction. Yes there are disturbing bits but also signs of hope too. “

The next stage for Richard?

“ My next move is to go on tour with Off the Ground where I am playing the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland before I go off to East 15 to study Acting in September. So it’s a big year. As far as  Film Instinct is concerned, I hope we can get this cast together again very soon.”

If a major distributor wants to take it on, I might even buy my own barn and this would solve some location headaches!”

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Dec 26, 2011

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