Posted by RW on January 27, 2016

Interviews today for Richard Weston’s one man show took place on BBC Radio Merseyside and Wirral Radio today.

You can find all the information on this daring one man show here

Atticus is a young man who has escaped from the outside world; he has locked himself in a room filled with boxes containing old trinkets. One particular box, “Opbergdoos” sits in the center of the room. As his mind twists and turns through his reinvention of his past life, he does all he can to deny its existence. Outside the room awaits his “Master”. As the ominous presence grows, he deliberates what to do with the contents.

A one man show journeying into the deepest caverns of memory, altered and disturbed by alcohol and substance abuse, directed by “The Young” star Benjamin Longthorne.

Follow Richard @richardwestonfi or Benjamin Longthorne @benlongthorne for updates concerning the show, and all Film Instinct related activity.



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