Halloween Spooktacular

Posted by RW on October 19, 2016

Now, I’m not one for writing family shows, but this year I was given the rare opportunity to write a family show that the cast and I were very proud of. It has suggested pop songs, but obviously they wouldn’t be used unless the owner of the establishment we were to work for would get the copyright usage of these songs to perform.

Unfortunately, I was fired due to a couple of children not understanding the script, i.e. his grandkids. The owner of said establishment was not happy I couldn’t come all the way to his one day, even though I offered to meet him halfway. Instead he was not happy with this and, due to there being no contracts or paperwork, was unfortunately lawfully obliged to sever ties.

However, what he is not lawfully obliged to do is use the script I wrote. So here it is, in all of its silly glory, copyrighted and not for public use. If it turns out that he has indeed used the script and its obvious he has just lazily altered a few bits then he’s in the position of unlawful usage and liable.


Halloween Spooktacular Script


Richard Thompson


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